Real Estate Services

  1. Subdivision Marketing: Your project is built and ready to market, now it is key to have a marketing strategy and a Team in place to move your product quickly. Our unique method of marketing and understanding of the local markets allows us a valuable understanding on how to move your product quickly at high rates of returns. Our Team is with the largest Brokerage in Idaho, which gives our clients an edge up on selling their product. We also have extensive experience with new construction and can help our clients navigate that process. New construction is our passion!
  2. Subdivision Management: Our Team does not just Market your Subdivision we also help you manage it. The years of experience we have in the Valley is passed on to our clients through the local contacts and relationships we have built over those years. And since there is a good chance we built the subdivision for the client, we can quickly resolve any issues that arise. Or if we did not build the subdivision for the client, because of our Land Development experience we know whom to go to for a quick resolution.
  3. Land Acquisition: Finding good development ground is not an easy task. If you do not find land at reasonable costs and terms you can not make money, and no one is in Land Development for “fun”. The process of Land Development can be very expensive and tedious! It is very important to provide the feasibility of development when looking for land. Our Team has extensive experience in Land Development, which we apply when analyzing properties. When analyzing property, we look at all the costs of development versus the value of selling the end product. Purchasing property without this detail understanding can be costly. The Team utilized this combination of Land Development and Real Estate experience which ultimately this value is passed on to our Clients.
  4. Land Disposition: Pricing property correctly is very important for a prompt sell of land. Pricing it too low costs an owner a lot of money in lost profits, and pricing too high will cost an owner a loss of opportunity, monies, and time. Our Team has extensive experience in Land Development and the costs associated with that development. This experience gives us a unique ability at pricing property. And due to our 26 years of experience in the Valley we have numerous contacts with builders and developers whom we turn to with these land opportunities.


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